How I began for me, for you


Starting from middle school,

With petty journal entries

Just to keep some days in my memories.

I filled a journal with a key, bent.

The book didn't fill my hearts content.


I carried on the feeling in high school

with my interest,

I put poetry to the test.

With fantasy and reality,

I weaved the words into something lively.


From the emotions and feelings of every day

With a learning and passionate heart

With words I can also create art

To the reader, for you

A friend that will listen when you come too


Every day I only wish to improve

To send out warmth, understanding, and hope;

You are not alone when you need to cope.

I started writing for myself and soon for you too.

One day, that you'll know you'll get through.



I wrote this to explain how my passion for writing began. I started off with simple joournal entries, to poems and I'm working on poems along with little drabbles.

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