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Image credit: Qianlong | The Print Collector/Heritage-Images/Imagestate..An emperor spoke in poetic verseWhich lead to fame for him at firstBut after some time became a curseFor the emperor had no prose.
How do people expect Someone new to this place, To learn the language Without putting sounds to a face. As you get older those things take time. To learn the rules and make things rhyme.
You get in trouble if you say it aloud Or even think it in your head. The “F” word has a thousand meanings And none of them are dead. It means something different To each person who hears it,
So we sat and watched, Tip toeing on our five senses, we believed..
A passion if there ever was one, They see it in my walk.   The rhythm of the words flowing through me like music, They hear it when I talk.  
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