Word Play

Fri, 08/28/2015 - 05:07 -- JEZ

So we sat and watched,

Tip toeing on our five senses, we believed..

This piece of sensibility will take us there.


Yes , I know

This piece, my piece, our piece,

I read, I plead, I pledge this loyalty, loyalty thus lost, I found this piece deep down my sixth sense..

My wired vision, like a wireless Bluetooth I let my imagination run wild.


I try to eat my words right after I spit them, maybe I still seem to believe in left over’s.

I try to be spiritually poetic, so I can be plugged to the body POETRY..

My wish, our wish to be mentally involved in this body is simple and understandable.


I write to begin at the beginning; the end is no end without the beginning.

This piece I began with so, so I know so, when I say so.

To be filled to the brim, the brim of my film.


The sight in my mind, to look through my mind's eye and see through, I mean really see through my mind's eye.

Let my mind play in its personality, the same personality that prices the ink of my mind a few thousand poetry


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