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A sun, a moon pass above without no scent The sun has fallen for I have lost count For how I wonder if your well To wonder if a sheer streak still lingers  
Is it bad that i wanna adore you and love you? Is it bad that i wanna kiss you and also hold you? Is it bad that i crave you? Is it bad that i wanna save you? From all the good things and bad..
I ask about love, And if I can ever find it. But how can I expect someone to love me, When I don't love myself? How can I expect respect, When I tear myself down? How can I expect anyone to trust me,
Come on, go.Go. Don’t you knowthis can’t really harm you- I'm hereand you’re perfectly fit for things like this.No time to reminisceabout the solid groundyou’ll leave, then hit.
I saw the opportunity
Dearest pinky, so small and frail,
You held me  Caressing flesh Tracing curves Turning your porcelain skin in circles  around mine My body, scarred  lived in Yours smooth
I don't want devastating love  So forget Olivia Pope and her definition of love I want simple, genuine, unadulterated love I want  my love to not be complicated I want my love to be practical
he sits in the shower pools of blood at his sides  the water washing away his tears along with the crimson liquid pouring from his wrists. he hates who he is. a disappointments a fuck up
I am the vine, gripping the bricks on the wall. I am the paper clip, tightly holding the papers together. I am the loving arms, that safetly hugs my family. I am the hold, that never loses its grip.  
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