Is it possible to lose your scent, while suffer from a scent of another human?

Fri, 04/07/2017 - 02:03 -- jerlee

A sun, a moon pass above without no scent

The sun has fallen for I have lost count

For how I wonder if your well

To wonder if a sheer streak still lingers


Remove my scent from your untouched heart

And allow me to carry your scent alone

To forget that you’ll remember

That there was a person such as me

Although the time has past

Allow me to love you only

Allow me to carry our love

Even though you decide to leave


I know it will be hard

Nevertheless, grant me this one wish

To where you meet the water track

Please discard your love within

And view the distance dawn

There are seeker waiting

For I am not thee best

So, allow me to make way

For they will love you more

As I’ll hold on

Till a sun, a moon held a blossom well above my horizon


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