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Singers, Dancers and actors all perform at the same time,  Hitting all of the high notes and nailing all of the sharp lines. The best of the best make it to the front of the main stage,
when in my hearti ache & the lakesand rivers could be filledwith my deep sorrow,all it takes to clearthe gray skies & clear mystormy mindcan be a song, a dance
Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton, a man of many words yet with none at the same time, A man whom I never thought much of, who is not fully appreciated, Made such an impact on the making of America.
Education, education education. That' all we ever hear from them. Temptation, temptation, temptation. Cheat. It's the only way you'll win.   What about fun? What about joy?
I was just 19 when i finished highschool and didnt quite know if i could get into a good school. The ambition I have put me on a higher level then my peers making me realize that i can make it without having fears.
A job equals money Ain't it funny? But there goes your time An asset most prime. Don't want to sit behind a desktop When my body wants to shoo-bop A job like the Grease greasers
"Step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch. Again." Wipe the sweat before they see. "Step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch." Just breathe. Ignore the pain. Keep dancing. Show no weakness. SMILE!
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