when in my heart
i ache & the lakes
and rivers could be filled
with my deep sorrow,
all it takes to clear
the gray skies & clear my
stormy mind
can be a song, a dance

One, singular sensation!
back of hand meets wet cheeks,
wiping pain from my eyes & off 
my mind.
Every little step she takes!
i rise from where i wallowed
in myself and my doubts, pull back
the curtains to bathe in sunlight.
One thrilling combination!
the memory of not so long ago,
when focus on every movement of muscle
doesn't allow a moment for sadness 
that wants to eat me live. so that is what i return to:
pointed toes & tucked hips.
Every move that she makes!
returns the peace to my mind & fills my heart
with song, with dance, with peace, 
with joy.

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