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A forbidden word A disgraceful word But an important word We all love to forget We all love to push aside But we must make room for self-respect
I used to have this car People thought it was a sweet ride, But there was a flip side They didn’t realize the controls were all behind me The pedals, the radio, the side mirrors See, I had a backseat driver
It’s crushing. The bile builds and rises. The tears burn. The cheeks flush. The frustration. The disappointment.  The failure. It’s the numbers’ game.  
All my life, I’ve kept silent. Held my thoughts and opinions with strife, Scared of the consequences. But as I age, I’ve learned
Beautiful as a butterfly Soft like the sea Like a cat, she is sly And everything like me
Give me your respect; I am a woman! Even my shadow is a projection worthy of praise. I have a story in my heart and you WILL listen.
Keep your peace.   I will take the seed Of our rebellious spirit To plant in the souls of those Not yet born.  
A hoarder of paper, a keeper of pens--this is my life. When the clouds darken and roar; I write. When sunbeams streak across my door; I write. When the day is clear and inspiration strikes; I write.
I am what I am.  
I am the one in the corner reading a book, the scrawny nerd But the vocabulary it gave me the abiliity to write this spoken word A bright thinker in this dark world, I am
  Is it easier to kiss sanity 

 or sleep with the insane? 

 Should I stop wasting time

 or become the Virgin Mary of ideas?

 -blessed Father give me

thy fruit of passion. 

midnight meets me in the shower.I grasp wildly for the happiness I no longer feel,hoping to find it in the hot water that poundsagainst my skin. the water starts to blurmy vision. it clouds my mind, and assaults
Hey You! Yeah you! You’re beautifulI’m just jokingYou’re actually drop dead gorgeous when you smile rainbows fill the sky
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