dear god

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Dear God, What a wonderful life I have I know what love is I know who You are and I know why I live But I wonder What lies ahead of me The future is out there
  Dear God Why do you let me down? I pray and pray, yet I still frown. Is it something wrong with me? Are my morals blinding me? Is everything that I live by binding me to its rules?  
 Dear God,My name is ena millerAnd I live here on Earth,And as far as I've been told,Whatever I want,I should ask you first.I really don't know much about you,Only what I've heard grown up's say,
Verse 1: Dear God, how you been? how you doing? Can you intervene? We need some help and some improvement Girls are getting pregnant by the age of thirteen  And boys will stick it anywhere, even if it ain't clean
dear god, please my close family, friends, and loved ones safe please watch over them ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! and let good health happiness ,and good fortune befall them AMEN
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