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Oft awake a feeling, Total misery. Cat starts a meowing, Come and feed me.    Stretch yawn and wonder, Will I ever feel free? This deep and heavy burden, Within deep Centre of me. 
Reign Knee Daze(Rainy Days)
Close your eyes, Close your eyes and breathe. This can’t be me, This isn’t happening to me. But it is. And you can’t help it, But what did you do? Why you? The weight is over bearing,
Cancer   The word wrapping around you like the tumor that continues to move sweeping melancholy through the veins   To young ears such a scary word  
Not selling crack, but I deal.   No feeling ever again will feel so real. Keep searching for it, but in vain, tryna get the same high as the first time.  
It has rained for a weekrunningthe world isfull of  round puddlesof sunless waterwhere small islandsare only the  beginningto deala young boyin a gardenis bailing out water
It's difficult to cope With a death. When they die, they take your breath. And when you breath,  There's nothing left.  Where's the pain killers. Where's meth. It feels like your on your own, 
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