Reign Knee Daze (Rainy Days)


Reign Knee Daze
(Rainy Days)



Come here, my boy, just have a seat,

I'll show you something really sweet.

A trip you can't pass up, for sure,

so rich with pain and death's allure.”


Trying hard to ignore his taunts,

I soon succumbed to morbid wants,

which left me sitting by his side—

C'mon, young man, let's take a ride...”


Reluctantly, I took his hand –

and spread below, throughout the land –

a sadness as I'd never seen,

such horrors most perverse — obscene!

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We soared with ease above the ground—

Oh no, dear boy, do not look down!

Unless I have directed you,

just look at things I've asked you to.

See there, amongst the willow trees;

young Mary Fallon, ill at ease?

With her your best friend, Barry Pryde...

it took some work to get his hide!


And there, upon the churchyard lawn,

your faithless pastor—such a pawn.

He spews his sermons Sunday morn,

then hurries home to look at porn.

Old Mrs. Bailey, what a jewel!

She teaches all her kids at school

that prayer is best left well at home.

It warms my cockles to the bone.”

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I looked in horrid disbelief,

he sought out pain without relief.

The sorrow, hatred, hopeless grief —

this cunning, stunning sad motif.


“But what, pray tell, has this to do

with anything twixt me and you?

I wish no harm on anyone.

Please leave me be, I'd say we're done.”

Oh, is that so?” he bared his fangs,

soon overcome by rueful pangs,

all evil that I'd ever spoken

dangled there like tainted tokens.


You see, my boy, there is no way

of escaping what you do or say.

It all returns to haunt your life.

But I will end their pain and strife.


You must promise me one thing,

you'll never worship that “other” king.

Just pledge your trust to me instead,

I'll make you rich before you're dead.”

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I looked around, immersed in pain,

then suddenly, cool calming rain

fell fast from clouds so dark and vast,

I finally felt relief at last.


I turned my face up towards the skies,

as teardrops mingled in my eyes

with pregnant raindrops, filled with souls,

that filled the gaps, patched all my holes.


My spirit's broken, tattered seams

had long ago forsaken dreams

which gave me hope, once long ago;

and all of this he seemed to know.


Remember that I came to you,

I'll be around, you know it's true.

Should you decide to change your mind—

embrace me once, I think you'll find...

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...such sorrow's commonplace today

you feel that God whisks it away?

I'm sorry, lad, but you're mistaken

you'll soon see all is forsaken.”


“No, it's not!” I cried with force,

“as long as hope remains a source

for tortured souls to rally 'round,

and life springs forth from barren ground.


For one day soon, your reign will end,

and to the depths of hell He'll send

you and your horrid daze of death,

where there, you'll draw your final breath.”

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You fool, I've offered everything...

riches, women, and all they bring.

Yet you deny yourself such treasures,

toss away such splendid pleasures.”


With that, he vanished in a plume

of viscous smoke and sweet perfume.

So nectarous that it stole my breath.

I caught the scents of hate and death.


Sometimes I sense that he's still near,

lurking, preying upon my fear.

And when that happens, without fail,

God sends the rain, His soothing veil...

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