Lost love ones

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 01:04 -- Noel510


United States
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It's difficult to cope
With a death.
When they die, they take your breath.
And when you breath, 
There's nothing left. 
Where's the pain killers.
Where's meth.
It feels like your on your own, 
Walking alone.
Where to? I don't know 
You just took my home, 
When you left this earth.
Theres no value in life,
It anit what it was worth.
And We both know who got worst.
I did. Because I had to see you go first.
It hurts deep In my heart,
Deep in my soul,
All the shared memories, 
It's hard for me to let  go.
Some times i lose control 
just because I miss you.
You make it impossible 
For me continue.
After everything 
Been through.
We prefer individuality 
But we were a team too.

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