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Attracted to your glimmering mirage, blind to the consequences. Sweet poison dripping from your lips, numbing my senses.  
Everyone talks about being real But it seems like The things that are real to them Are new cars, posting statuses, horny rap artists, bright lights, and mobile devices All these 'real' things
So shallow are these shoreswhere I seem to find only shells.Each step should lead me closer,but, alas, I cannot tell.The salty sea fogs the journey,it no longer is clear.How far must I walk
I'm shallow now A cup once too full has been drained by the shallowness of others I used to love so easily, now I ask myself how All I want is to help people feel better I don't know how to be alone anymore
How does it feel to have a fire that doesn't burn? As I detach and turn the page I have been tainted with empty rage I'm aware of the heat as the ember blazes
Human 2  humans are such fickle creatures  they can never decide they go into something thinking one way  and wanting this then by the end thery're thinking the complete opposite 
So deep, so deep. Sarcasm is my towel.
This world is so shallow That my rain boots weep To compensate For the lack of depth In puddles they encounter. 
my mind is the sea, so insignificant to the universe- yet so meaningful to me. a sea with shallow waters like glass where superficial thoughts lie in the masses. 
Models are tens, are dressed to the nines, Sneak away with photographers behind closed blinds. Silhouettes pinch at the waist, like the skin on their face, too tight to relax 
I'm never stable cause I'm always replaced. Friends are never friends,its a never ending race. I won't stay here forever,and plus you wouldn't care. As I walk away with nothing,just the wind blowing my hair
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