I kept it locked up tight for years

Hidden from the world

Fed it every night with my tears

Then to the first bidder it was sold


He played me like a fiddle

My heart dropped in price

Who wants a heart ripped down the middle?

My soul was being eaten by mice


Then my heart healed

You could still see the cracks and holes

Broken, blistered and pealed

Through hell and back came parts of my soul


The next time there wasn’t a bid

For once in my life I did what I wanted

I took off the lid

I freed my heart from the shackles that bonded it


It ran straight into the arms of the nearest guy

Someone who was kind

But his actions were very sly

Another one who managed to blind

On my decent

I crashed and hurt

In just one event

 My heart was ripped from my shirt


Smashed into shards

Once again by the wrong guy

Destroyed like house of cards

By a million lies


I gave up caring

I’ll hand the pieces to someone to fix

Whenever I see you I start swearing

My chest being weighed by a ton of bricks


Life is easier when the emotions are lost

There is no attachment

Only happiness at a lower cost

My heart no longer at risk


This love

Isn’t mutual


If my heart is still in pieces

Do I really love anyone anymore?


Love is just an illusion

The heart is just another thing to break

An unimaginable hated and desperate fusion

I haven't learned from my mistakes


I repeat my actions 

Now im left with the dust that was once my heart


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