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   i was bullied -god it feels so wrong to call it that- it was so much more than that  it feels like i should call it less    i was sexually harrased -god it feels wrong to actually put it into words-
the media is rotting hiding gluttony for drama behind bright make up and sexy dresses they tell men that 'you can do this' while giving the girls restrictions  those restrictions are named things like manners
Dear Mr. White, Do you remember the fear on the faces lit up by the tiki torches you carried, and the way that kid's mom begged you to Please not shoot her little girl's daddy, but you did because he was black?
Life is not sitting in your room Afraid to step out the door, Afraid of the world at your fingertips, Afraid of opportunity, afraid of change.   How can something so beautiful, be so cruel?
America The home of the free The home of the brave Devoid of the racists, sexists and slaves Or so they've told us since we were so small
This country is a mess. Promises of freedom for the few by oppression of the many taking hold of us, with anger and a sense of injustice
"Pink is for girls!" Oh but a boy might love pink A boy might adore the color and yet claim his favorite is blue A girl might despise the color with all her heart And yet, it is a girl color, is it not?  
Mute me not
What makes me less than you? It can’t be because you’re clothed in blue Because your achievements don’t cover my work Although the pain it inflicts causes hurt So tell me, will you believe me when I say?
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