Tell Them

-I went through a season of roaming.
appeared as a tornado in the sand
Rotating while in orbit,
a cycle that I could not break without the mighty strength of God to stabilize me.

-I had to recreate the city after it had been in a wreck.
Remodeling its Monuments,
Replenishing its wells,
Refining its beauty,
Reminding myself who I am to the reflection…

-I knew they wouldn't recognize me when all things were refurbished.
If I had a thousand tongues I would tell you about the miracle;
the rock becoming a Diamond.
-I'm sure God isn't finished placing more pressure, but it’s apart of the process that i submitted to.

They’ll often ask “Who are you?”

-I tell them that I am an anomaly.
hand picked off of the vine to create fine lines between light and dark space.
-I am Bold.
-Strong as a trees backbone, stretching my branches to the father so I can produce more fruit, his spirit never leaves my sides.

-I be, bright, black, beautiful holding the bar,
the standard high you got to climb the latter,
-A soldier in the army of The Lord.

-tell em, I speak the truth. Life and death is in the power of the tongue
-there's a plethora people in power who are trying murder my generation off by the droplets of their saliva.
-Tell em, That my words are war cry, that my prayer was war warfare,
that my victory is both on earth and in heaven every time I growl.

-Tell em' I'm a lioness.
-Tell em, I am the revolutionary that will never be in textbooks but will always be respected in your memory.
They might not give the black fiery female credit for causing a shift in our culture.
Tell them I'm a Baltimore riot, a revolt, a revival, a rendition of the seraphim screaming holy
-tell them' I'm a cumulonimbus cloud waiting to burst open,
Writing in reign because I came with authority.

-Tell em' that I seen the Holy Spirit at work I ain't been the same since,
That I've been carrying my cross and when the sweat drips I never quit.
That when its Marching time, have tearing down Jericho’s walls in mind
The spirit of division stands tall in America to keep you bound,
but I scream at the feet of pharisee & pharaoh let my people go.

That when Politic says bow down I stand and reprimand everything around me.
No matter if the music sounds like migos or mayhem,
melodic melodies wont move me.
You can throw me in the furnace,
I will not bow,
I come out with a crown
I'm a queen.

I sore, swing, sway, sing, say I do so as the spirit leads me.
Tell em about my Abba fathers majesty;
His body broken for transgression & bruised for iniquity.

-Tell em Romans 1:16 and Proverbs 31 tango in my cerebrum
-Tell em' that this Godly ambition un-muted.

-my diaphragm had been enlarged, recharged and vocal cords been amplified to compose and propose a ballad, a sermon, an alert
this is our time.
For time for cultivation, restoration, innovation for our society to be reborn.

-Ill tell them that I am a new breed, born for just this here...
For spilling ink at the tune of the gospel,
Not just to be a biblical banshee but to bring some buoyancy back to a dry land.

If they ask for my name I'll tell them
'Nia Naomi'
My name means Purposeful Brilliance

-If They ask, I will tell them that I do not breathe for fame,
But I'll stain every stage I stand on, with the blood of the lamb.

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