Endangered Species

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Was privileged to have a fortunate chattering communion with the chirping plover;
What we see What we hear Wont be here in a thousand years What we taste What we touch Someday there won't be as much What we do What we smell Will all be gone if we don't treat Earth well
Going. Gone Out of this world of ours. No more, no longer   Extinct forever.
Going. Gone Out of this world of ours. No more, no longer   Extinct forever.
Based on "Mermaid" by Sergey Kolesov   Delicate, floating through sea currents and sea trenches Elegant, dancing through coral reefs and shipwrecks Pure as the sun beams that shine through the surface
Stream bends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Slowly ends.           
A beat for those who sold their souls for security of roofs over heads and unions of like minds. Never again having to contemplate the what, or when, or why, or how.
My dear old home, how we have wronged you. So Blinded by green greed, while your green turned grey. “Their safety is sound” we spoke without woe,
Feels as a human pained like a man it's easy to believe they dont percieve, to justify or pardon the suffering we subject. They dont speak but communicate silently!
I divide from my roots with the pierce of a razor. Cleaving a meat fringe, wings endless, pine needles rolling off bark skin, detaches my figure from nature.
Dude! Come on, listen As I’m speaking carbon is being emitted But no you don’t care And no you’re not hearing me And if you can’t see all this pollution Then you’re obviously not seeing clearly
They think we are subservient, They think we do not know. They think we are susceptible To their cruel, ungodly show.
There are two birds in a tree A good little bird, who never complains who listens to the elderly who loves everybody, who is loved by everybody A bad little bird, Who always complains,
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