Where to Now?

They think we are subservient,
They think we do not know.
They think we are susceptible
To their cruel, ungodly show.

When our world had first started,
We were all just the same.
Now They’ve debased us,
Putting us through pain.

When it first began,
It was rather inconsequential.
Now what They do,
Is becoming influential.

What They do is culpable
Their avarice for more.
How would you feel,
If They blew down your door?

They do their work so slovenly,
Not caring for us at all.
How vulnerable we felt,
When we saw our homes fall.

The nebulous clouds of dust,
The sadness in the air,
Our world so evanescent,
They just don’t seem to care.

Our homes were but a supposition,
Not something that would last.
Now Their days have come,
And ours have long since passed.

Our land has been disconcerted,
We don’t know what to do.
If only we could resuscitate it,
With dibs and dabs of glue.

There was one man,
The leader of the group.
His carelessness was egregious,
He was quite the snoop.

Oh, the odium we have for Them,
The dissensions we always share,
In our minds we watch Them dissipate,
It’s as if They’re hardly there.

They’ve relegated us to nothing,
Their perfidy apparent,
We used to live in peace,
Now our similarities are transparent.

It seems They’ve no emotions,
Yet also lack self-control,
Intemperate They are,
Only wealth is their goal.

They’ve given us reasons,
Reasons for anger and hate.
It seems They’ve disavowed us,
We can no longer relate.

They all came so fast,
Never thinking to impugn.
It was rushed along and hurried,
So that They got paid soon.

It’s like we were at war,
Our homes conquered, pillaged, changed.
They tried to mitigate the consequences,
But to us it’s all the same.

Maybe an infraction, to Them,
Is like a very small mistake,
But to us it’s so austere,
It’s all that we can take.

You’d think we’d get restitution,
Just something for our loss.
But they could not concoct
A thing for us with no cost.

They act so beneficent,
Doing kindness for Their world,
It seems to me They’re only novices,
At showing They’re good-willed.

They took away our houses,
They took away our homes.
We been left in consternation,
We have no where left to go.


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