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"Where have all the warriors gone? So loyal So true So bold Where have all the fighters gone? So tired So deep So cold Where have all the soldiers gone? Their stories
The devil sits inside the earth Spreading With Triple 6 Triple x But if the devil loves triples then the Splash Brothers are demons But they ain't demons there Warriors
He fights through night and day.
One ride away, a ride filled with men. To battle they go, in defense of their kin. Some sleep and some pray, some bask in the din, some think about their future, ALL hope for a win.
 There once was a warrior, and
Particles colliding with one another, Molecules competing for food, Stars devouring eachother, These are warriors. Plants taking over territory, Rats fighting over crumbs,
There's billions of people in this world Each one of us was birthed from a warrior. No man could go through what women go through ,
Ode to the Fearless The people who trample fear on the ground.   Ode to the Warriors Whose fights never end Their swords stained
I love baseball, it is my holy grail. On the field 9 fearsome warriors ready to battle.
  And after the storm We will rest in long moments suspended. We will walk with grounded steps On familiar land, And trust our feet to lead us home. We will dress ourselves
Thank you mighty warrior who takes a stand to protect us against  evil in any land........How could anyone not there with you understand the sacrifices you give for peace in this great land.........Not many of us have the soul to walk the line a w
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