' 'father' 'life' 'family' childhood' 'growing up' 'pain'

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You're my father by name and blood. Blood does not signify that it's thicker than water. You were never there in spirit and heart. You have killed my spirit.   
You trek through the days of gray, Your candle burning bright. I pay no regard to your wilted body, As I prance around in fields of green.
in a walgreens in a college town a boy wearing that scent walked by    suddenly I’m little again   
i used to be a mirror a picture of pristine perfection a beautiful girl with a beautiul frame then i was shattered who was to blame? a rapist a liar my own family
DEAR FATHER you don't know, you don't know how my life is going, you don't understand the stres i've been through, you closed that door along time ago,   do you ever think of me, I gave you my number,
I wish you were here, I wish you had stayed, I wish you were close, I wish I had prayed, I wish I hadn't let go, I wish I had cried, Oh! I wish I had tried, But now, all I can wish for is care,
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