Dear Father,

Dear Father,

The man I first loved
The man I looked up to
The man that made me think I'm a fool
You added the water to my fuel
Sometimes you make me think you're cruel

I've dived into a pool
That's dull
Full of desires and later turned into fire
I'm just tired
When I see you
I want to keep you
Not let go, because when I do
We drift like the continents
Without any path of confidence
Now we greatly suffer the consequences

I miss you at nights
When I'm wide awake
My demons crawl like snakes
And my soul slowly falls into flakes
Over those many days
They seem to never fade
I silently pray for our fate

I want to talk to you
Like those old days
I want to crawl into your arms
And you telling me I'm your charm
When we walk down the yard
Of my beloved stretched memories

I want us to talk for hours
While the world's miseries showers,
Over our shoulders
And devours our peaceful souls
That turned many so cold
Now that stands out bold
On fields of gold
Filled with roots of evil in people
Like needles going in a deep steep hill
That kills in the end

That's the trend of today
Some are present, then some are forgotten from yesterday
Sin's overpowering our commonsense
Letting down our defenses
Ride on a highway that leads to difficult regret
That turns into a threat
For those who choose to take it

I choose the path you have constructed in your mind
I thought I was fine
After that little did you know I was lying
I would fry my thoughts away
You never asked me what i truly wanted to be
You never understood the present key
I showed many pictures of my wall
That slowly began to fall
Everything dies in November
Yet seems peaceful
I want you to remember that when days painfully pass the winter
I copied lies like a printer
While I sit down for dinner
I'll try to remember why I can't say no to that chosen path

I didn’t want to ruin your thought of your perfect child

So I just stand and smile

I lost myself in the way of finding myself
I killed the old me
She's long gone
She was there from dusk till dawn
Now, she's simply gone
I don't know what I want anymore
These days people throw words at the floor
Then walk out the door

Let me tell you about how my days go now
When my demons awake
Travel the untouched places of my brain
And drain my thoughts away
Gone by day
Here at night
Split my character for night and day
Day is the brightest and warmest available
Night is the coldest and darkness and depth of my soul
Day my demons hide
Night my demons rise
Day my characters starts to fade
Night I find that little hope
Day my night starts to appear
Night my day becomes my biggest fear
Day I fear to be awaken
They both awaken my closed soul
Inside there is an overfilled bowl

Dear beloved father,
I want to know your dreams and fears
Let me know you care
Let me be your charm again
Let's click like a pen
Walk on years rings of memories
Restore our faith
Even if it takes a large number of days

I’m only lost to be found

My head is in clouds, but my legs are on the ground

I want to make you proud

But just wait till I’m found

Your daugther that misses you,

Nancy Nasher


This poem is about: 
My family


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