anxiety panic attacks

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dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher catch me a dream a pretty, shiny, lovely thing a siren song that gleams let it cover up the ugly parts the mismatched cloth and clumsy stitches shoved underneath the bed to hide
Close your eyes Imagine a world Where no hatred exists And there are no enemy lines Everyone gets along And there is world peace Open your eyes You feel calm
The happy starts to fade, my hands they begin to shake my eyes fill with tears and i am running away my breath starts to catch and i am searchng for a hiding place
The piercing of the gunshot and the race between my heart and mind is on And just like the pounding of running feet on the pavement, my heart is racing But it is the only thing I can hear
The darkness that surrounds you, comes from inside you, those attacks of painc, making you sink like the Titanic, you try and try to stop the water from comming in, but the whole in your heart is to big,
Too loud, too loud Eyes drowned, head bowed Clap hands over ears Fingers leave bruises But must hold in the music To suspend myself from reality Hear rhythm rapping the only words that make sense
I didn't press the button because I thought it was a panic button. So when it came time to panic, I remained calm and collected as I pressed it; But nothing happened, So I died of panic.  
WHITE. Spots of blue flash in, then out. Red slashes through in an erratic sequence. Flashing, Flashing, Flashing. White. Deep blue creeps up the corners and edges,
I'm running around and my head starts to spin, My chest starts to feel like it's closing at its seams
It’s coming.
Always watching Always smirking Pointing out every flaw Only appearing when I'm Alone You love to draw it out Making sure I can hear your footsteps Echoing With each step STOMP
I cannot breathe yet no one can hear me. I feel like I'm screaming for the fear is choking me. A tsunami breaks over I cannot stop shaking. I don't have the control what can I do?
The pain, the hurt, the fear You're unable to escape! You're locked inside your head,  With just your voice and fate. The fear of flying, falling, crashing, It all comes rushing in
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