Cirque Tourne


United States
27° 56' 50.7912" N, 97° 12' 2.0916" W

In a deep dark forest, there is a caravan of traveling strangers
Hosting a creepy carnival, with many possible dangers

Enticing to the sinners
Enticing to the lost
The fun and answers to fill the void are available for a cost

Sell your soul to the merchant
Exchange it for a prize
Believe not your ears
Believe not your eyes
For everything, everywhere, is a shroud of lies
No one but you will find you here, so save your petty cries
Time is always frozen here, live a thousand lives.

The moon is our goddess here, we cater to her every whim
Once you enter, your chances of an exit are very slim
Play the game or prepare to be torn limb from limb
The demons may not die, but desire needs to eat
And nothing is more preferred than untainted human meat.

After you watch the show, and forget the past
You can become a member of our colorful all-star cast.

First we have the ring leader, Adam, a young man with hair bright blue
He talks in riddles, but he will give you a clue
Wise and observing, he knows everything about everyone
Sadistic and condescending, he thinks torture is rather fun.

Next we have Eve, a cougar addicted to carnal desire
Beautiful and driven, she could have any man she can aspire
Cunning and devious, they say she is part snake
If you should sleep with her, you may never wake.

Then there’s the doctor, and old man with a dried out heart
Curious and demented, he loves turning specimens into art
Lay down on the table, so the operation can start.

We have many other members like the puppet and the puppeteer, a jester,
An acrobat, a demi-beast, a banshee, a possessed child, a gambler, and a magician.
Now, let me tell you, girl, of your condition.

You were a selfish, spoiled brat, but you were also wise
You cut grown men with your words, despite being small in size
You loved no one, not even you; you desperately trusted all and none
You saw through the fragile illusion cast by the merry fun.

You followed your natural instinct, and that brought you here
Now forget the rules and obligations and let’s play a game, my dear.

Torn between right and wrong, you are lost
From the path you have strayed
Ditch the conscious you have glossed
Or join the ditches of those decayed.

The key to happiness is survival
You are better than the rest, hence your arrival.

Welcome to Cirque Tourne, home of the freaks
Welcome to Cirque Tourne, known for killing streaks.

We now present our newest daughter
May she lead many-a-slaughter.

Under the guidance of the night’s groans and moans
May she break hearts and bones.

And when it comes to shows
She’ll always keep you on your toes
A deceptive actress, our best liar
Out for revenge with eyes of fire
With sultry dances and shocking screams
Her hypnotic eyes eat other’s dreams.

Monsters alone, but family together
We’ll find ‘it’ come hell or bad weather
Because we are strong, we’ll live forever and ever
For us, there is no such thing as never.


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