'child abuse' 'loss of trust' 'father-daughter relationships'

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can you ever forgive  can you ever forgive a man who hurt you? Is my father only my father until one of us forgets? is the hand holding mine going to let go once I squeeze?
Ever since I was two years old, I didn't have your hand to hold, My memories of you are cold, You rejected me,
Please stop saying you’re the best father in the world, because you’re not.   You’ll be another girl’s first father-daughter dance. But hey, 
Your words carried the strength of a determined man, a man with the passion to kill those who wronged him. They began to suffocate me slowly, one by one, like hands tightly grasping my neck.  
There is a reason you have trust issues, the whole idea of trust is questionable. How could one of the few people who are supposed to love you, not able to?   You could force the blame on yourself,
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