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6 pm on a saturday night   I stand at the open window in my second story bedroom Listening to the bells that ring for 15 minutes every day The wind blows into my messy hair
please do not come near if there is light  coming from the cracks in the door it means i am too scared frail and weak it means i can't face anything else other than the small light i hold in my hands
Before I leave this Earth I wanna leave a mark on this turf When I say turf I mean to leave a mark on a certain skill set Being successful And when I say successful it means not leaving my kids in debt
Without my parents, I wouldn’t be here, That’s obvious, but I mean something else. If they didn’t come here from over there,  I wouldn’t be able to acquire wealth.  
I open a book.   I am in a grand castle Surrounded by lords and ladies, jesters and kings I hear the rustle of my ball gown
Inspired by motivation To move on to better things The future excites me  To be all I can be To open my heart to it's new adventures As I take on the world in all my endeavors
With one powerful stroke I'm sailing in the air The wind gently caresses my face as I look for smoothness Each bump takes my worries away Each swerve gets my brain going With one lift I'm over a hurdle
shhhhhhhhh, says the faucet  to warn my mouth to keep quiet- 'cause currently a spaceship has entered the atmosphere of my brain and there have been reports of rain. 
An old man once told me “Life is hard and then you die” He said this to 17 year olds I think one of them cried I didn’t to do either So on that day I did decide That Life would be easy
When I have lost my inspiration, And I can't find it, no matter how hard I search, I look for the help of my favorite person. She's strong, and beautiful, Wise and funny, And never short of a quick word.
To be or Not to be Who God has  Called me to be Do I want to See a change and rise Or will I be another to Just sit and sigh Lord of Lord  Hear my cry Am I really 
To be or Not to be Who God has  Called me to be Do I want to See a change and rise Or will I be another to Just sit and sigh Lord of Lord  Hear my cry Am I really 
When I see my mother, a kind and hardworking soul, I find inspiration. It is not only in these characteristics, But, the ways she lives these in her everyday life.
Often times, its not happiness It's rage,  burning in the very veins that pump my blood It's sadness, pulling at my heart It's anxiety, shaking my body, melting my wishes.
I never eat strawberries.  Not because I don't like them, But because they are tremendously inconvenient.  
I need you. I believe I need you You're all I need.  You are my sun in the gray sky You are my happiness in my depression You are the best in a bad situaction.   I need you.
Ran my feet through the grass, Let the blades tickle my toes, Smoothing my feet the dew-kissed on the sod.   Rays of sun beamed down,
Her glassy eyes stare back at me. They scream For help, For saving.   The mind calls to me. It screams For help,
In my mind I have memories of a street that is not quite a street, but rather a stream,  Which flows through a strip of woods, into a culvert, Down a gully, through the backyards of my neighborhood, 
  You stand Under a plethora of maple leaves, A flamboyant display of color  Paired with a crystal blue sky. You breathe
Inspiration is ignited by imagination and interest in introspection. Something that simply surpasses surprise and seems to soothe you. Resonating if you choose to
Your outer beauty is pretty and all But the real beauty is inside  Behind all the flesh, The make up, That creative mask of yours you choose to hide behind
Open your eyes What do you see? I see black I knew the light was bright, yet it was dark How could I see if my eyes have no spark
Celestial moon and sun. Twirling around earth endlessly. And now why can't you.
Like a burst of color behind my eyelids You're bright and bold, A contrast to the monochrome that swallows me whole. It makes me glad I met you, When every moment we spend is brand new.
such a small word  but means so much fear that is applied so close you can touch memories that will forever haunt you following close behind
A gaze met mine over thin glasses Already finished?  
What a wonderful world of color we live in! The deep, crushing shades of blue,  and the soft, airy yellows and pinks.  Or how about the fiery swirls of maroon and the watery substances of navy 
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