such a small word 

but means so much

fear that is applied so close you can touch

memories that will forever haunt you

following close behind

scared to pursue


they either devour or push you

fighting the demons

scared to say the wrong thing

fighting the dreadful torture

following your fling


it is okay to be different

you don't have to fit in

we all have our secrets

and it's not always a sin


to love or to be loved

by the one you choose

incapable of conforming

to be loved by you


you are not god

you don't make the rules

i am my own person

does that concern you?


i chose to take a bite out of my past

move on 

prove that it'll last

i am okay

and i am not what has happened to me

i am more

not only scarred and broken

but stronger than before


unapoligetically me



and most importantly 

i'm free

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