Whimsical Flight

Sat, 12/28/2019 - 18:59 -- Juny

The wind whistles 

And the music howls

Through the mountains

And up a breeze

Following the glowing fire 

Catching sparks that sputter

What they want to say


Past the sleeper

A giant dreamer

In the hollow

A griffin bellows


Flitting upon clouds

Bending beneath cowls

A face

Dark and grim

Lets arrows fly


Clashing swords

A dragon’s breath

Flicking fire

Sparkling gold


Fairies dance 

On ivy vines

Petals flounce

Wandering afloat

A slumbering stream


Following a token word

A promise to behold

The parchment flutters

The ink swirls to the notes

Of stories untold


Under a tree

A fir which frowns

Upon the girl below its boughs

The music of imagination glides

Beneath her eyes


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