'Death of loved one

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  My Pink Candle They told me she was Rose scented, She came flower molded She sat on my nightstand for four years Loving whoever peers.   I lit her last night
I still can’t grasp the idea that you’re gone.I can’t stand seeing R.I.P before your name now. I don’t want to live this ok life without you here.I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat, better yet can I go where you are?
I clasped her hand tight Lived by her wisdom, she died My light gone, alone
The tree we buried you under was the last of its kind—      a lone birch or oak or maple that survived its disease           (I found the irony only because I was looking for it)
Empty spaces in her soul No one else can fill the hole When he left she didn’t cry She couldn’t even blink an eye   “I’m so sorry for your loss”
Empty spaces in her soul No one else can fill the hole When he left she didn’t cry She couldn’t even blink an eye   “I’m so sorry for your loss”
The grass was turning yellow The leaves began to drift away You left me all alone  I never thought today would be the day Your skin was cold There was no air in your body 
You're gone.   I can't help but feel the pain, The excruciating never ending pain.  A single tear left my eye And that was our final goodbye.   People say that grief is easy to get through,
One day: I can't remember    Three days: My tears fell on your hand.   Two weeks: In school, they stare.   Six weeks: A lonely sister on Christmas.  
    Every day I just want to know  if you’re proud of me  I make mistakes  I know. Is it too late for me?
  I have a bad habit of waiting for people  who will never come. I have a problem thinking I’m too smart. I have a problem thinking I’m too dumb.  
To survive death is one path that one may take,  but to be on the receiving side. It’s a pain that’s one that cannot be faked.   The death toll is at a rise quietly.
Close vibration, sounds felt up and down my body. Just sounds - no meaning. But these words soften my tightness, calm hush calm soft calm warm.   I'll always love you.
I knew my childhood was fleeting the moment I came home from school one day. My mom was holding back tears and just staring at me, no words to say.  When she gained her composure, I learned my cousin had died. 
The night before the end, where my innocence went to die... Coming home from work, thinking so much up at the sky. Getting that Facebook alert, but just ignoring it because "I'm tired"!
Nothing quite hit until I lost my uncle, R.I.P, then I lost my aunt, death was going on a shopping spree A year after that I lost another uncle too, I didn't understand the concept of death from their point of view
Confidence shot angel dust through ashen meek minds Just be all you can be it said
It wasn't supposed to end this way Months have passed but I'm still in shock I know I can't changed what happened that day Still I wish you were around to knock Seems like God said it was your time to go
They speak to us in the words of someday, as if all of this will become too grey. They tell us one day we’ll grow up, and we never really expected when that day would show up.
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