Inspire Me Daddy

The grass was turning yellow

The leaves began to drift away

You left me all alone 

I never thought today would be the day

Your skin was cold

There was no air in your body 

I couldnt tell you were hurting 

You didnt tell anybody

Almost five years ago

I found out you died  

No one ever warned me about this

About your suicide

You leaving caused so much pain 

Your little girl almost took her life away 

To hug you one more time was all I wanted

I almost followed you on my birthday 

Through the struggle

I persevered 

Im so happy to say 

I made it here 

You pushed me to become better 

Ill never understand 

I want to make you proud 

I want to show you I can 

We're short on money

But whats new

Its almost the same

All I did was grew

I love you to the moon and back 

And I miss you so badly 

You always were the one 

You inspire me daddy 



This poem is about: 
My family


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