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The Glow Up of a Crab by Grace Taylor   I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad…  that only when I had my glow up did people begin to acknowledge me.
I knew what lied ahead So I chained my feet to the ground Refusing to travel to that place But it was inescapable   The world ripped me away 
in darkness, we found solace. you recognized my confusion, and i understood your pain. we shared misgivings about our purpose in life, and the way the world should be. your tiny blue bedroom was our haven.
Being a kid was elementary Inviting everyone to your anniversary A couple of passes for being fussy A few free passes for being bratty   Branching off to a new school Power went to those who were cool
It started senior year So many realizations and quite a few confrontations And I cant forget the tears Growing up, I never knew I'd lose so many relation-ships Friends grew apart Gave me a broken heart
Childhood has begun to fade; finding your purpose is the aim. The pieces of life spread apart like trinkets of a game. Glow until you grow or until growing causes glowing. Beginning higher education challenges everything you know.Questioning the p
There is no when or how to grow up, There is no if I am grown or if I will be grown. Being an adult is not as easy as it seems; Even the adults wonder if this is all a dream.  
She sleeps in my bed, wears my clothes, and mom holds her dear; but she is not me. She goes to my classes, speaks like me, and dad holds her dear; but she is not me.
I was silenced you told be that my boldness was annoying you refused to aknowledge me because I was too loud but I guess you expect me to describe how I somehow silenced myself I was scared
I can storm the streets in anger, Yelling loud - with fire in my hand, A rasp to my voice.   I can fly to Charlottesville, To protest the injustice, Scream at the streets and light fire in their faces.
There once was a wee little thing Who wondered what life would bring Well it brought her thrills And it brought her bills And best of all it brought her knowing!
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