' 'happy' 'love' 'positivity' 'becauseiloveyou'

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 That man makes my heart swim in ecstasy That man with his chocolate brown hair That man with his deep and romantic eyes That man with his smile that causes my heart to flutter
If you could see you the way I do, then the world'll be so much brighter, You'd see so many trees, and birds, and bees, All the colors of the world, so vibrantly,  
Daniel. I am not good for you. You know that too. When skies arent blue I just think of you. promise me you wont leave me too. I love you too, babe.
I slip and fall. Right into where I wanted. And it’s warm. I feel safe I can sense her love. And she kisses my head.
People twist the perception of life The same way that they twist  How they see themselves in the mirror  When you’re looking so close up 
Boats sail on the rivers,And ships sail away across the seven seasBut clouds that sail across the daytime skyAre prettier than these.There are bridges on the rivers,As pretty as you want them to be
The voices in my head is telling me to drop everything and walk away I feel if I walk away then I won't come back.The voices in my head are telling me to be brave and let the past go and move on with your life.
As you gently drifted under the nightly sky The moon  The stars  And every light Shone upon you  as if you were an angel in the night
My lonely is tantalizing and placid.It isn’t tasting of hostility, sorrow, and vapid.Although, it’s together with the toil of possible isolation,It is gleaming smiles and the blooming of imagination.
1 of a kind, 1 in a millionI just so happen to be unlike anybody, I just so happen to be nobody but me, I just so happen to have big brains and little stare,I just so happen to be nobody but me,I just so happen to have a big smile and little glare
The moment I knew it was okay I felt my body begin to sway I knew that he'd found another way It was safe to live another day I knew exactly what I would say But as I stand before him
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