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Everyday there are obstacles in my path So many in fact, it's hard to do the math!
What ticks me off....society don't you see.
Strength is the river; Though it seems to conform To the limits of the earth, With diligence and patience, Even the most stubborn stone Will obey the current.
There is this universal belief
The truth of the matter: I'm a pretty little white girl. I have problems, but so do you. By looking at the divisions We isolate and impede the vision Of a better home, a better heart
Among the grove of contentment Sits a corner of blissful unified existence An escape from remorse A trapdoor to expression Equanimity patrols the air of the grove
Memorizing data to spit back out verbatim That’s not learning Banking our self-worth on a letter That’s not learning Staying up so late that the book get’s blurry and our brain gets fuzzy That’s not learning
Don’t bend yourself To fit the mold. Break it; make it yours.   Be the person You want to be. Ignore their hateful scorn.   Step back and take A look at yourself.
misunderstood by the world and it's judgement, assumptions are given but never justified. the girl still smiles even though she's alone. she knows who she is and what she wants. They say change, she say no.
intro verse  chorus bridge  outro fuck that its outgrown  these are the barriers of my creativity no more let your mind free dont worry about the catchy
A cart rolls into the frigid clean room, the sheet is removed, revealing terrifying tools with innocent names. I sit back into the chair as it crackles in disappointment.   Ink stains my face, my chest, my stomach,
Love Pave the way Crave to say When push comes to shove Float up above   Sin Beauty is within thy name Cover up with shame If you want to win You must sin  
A tangled, blue wisp of air Struggled to become violet. Others swam past Becoming her to follow She faded... Turned plum, turned fire Only to return blue. She called on them to follow,
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