' 'suicide' 'overdose'

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Sorry, I’m n/a; I went m.i.a. There really isn’t much to say. I really wish it wasn’t this way. But guess what, it is! I’m sad, depressed abs pump my self full of chemical after chemical. I fuck up, I steal, I space out and you get hysterical.
of all the people i want to kill, and your name is pretty close to the top of the list, the person i want to kill most of all: Myself.
do you feel my brush strokes as i spread the paint across this page my art comes in words and my heart comes in pieces Because of you.
“You’re not alone.
The stark reality fades away making way for medicated highs I just can't take this world no more there's no room here for my Queer soul Taking pills in rounds of 5 feeding my will to die
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