The Voices In Me

All I Ever Wanted Was To Stop Feeling
I Wanted It To Go Away For Good
No One Is Listening; Is Anyone There?
They Keep Fighting; I'm Losing This Battle
Why Are They Here To Begin With?
They Told Me I Was A Nobody
Whispers In My Ear To Kill Myself
There Is No Reason For Me To Be Here
I Am Not Accepted By Anyone
Who Am I If I Am Nobody
Do I Ever Exist In This World?
Just Need Anyone To Hear Me
Tell Me I'm Worth It All
Ask Me If I'm Okay
Don't Let Me Fall Apart Or Slip Away
Show Me Another Way To Escape
I Hear Them Yelling Again
Please Make Them Stop
I'm Only Trying To Find A Way Out
I've Tried To End It All
Failed At My Own True Temptation
Its Starting Up Again
They Do Not Want Me Here
I'm No One: I Don't Exist
I Can't Fight This Any Longer
I Call For Help But The Words Are Not There
I Can No Longer Speak
I'm Too Weak
I've Became Numb
No Longer A Nobody But A Somebody To All Of You

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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