child of a divorcee

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I remember the confusion day after day, only a child and oblivious to the world. I remember hearing my mother pray please, hear us and heal us.
It’s hard to remember but sometimes I think of my neighbor’s garage. It was silver and white. He gave me a pair of vintage suitcases that had travelled to Paris. They were blue. I went to the emergency room twice as a kid.
children hear. they hear the talking turning to yelling they’ll wander downstairs, say they couldn’t sleep, could we watch tv?
I was five the first time I heard my parents fight,Their tongues forking lightning in flippant tones.Even now I can hear the resounding booms that shook our home,And people wonder why I’m terrified of thunderstorms. I was nine the first time the w
Nineteen years ago, Your son was born, A beautiful boy with Serious brown eyes and Contempt for parental contact.   Seventeen years ago, I entered the world, An ugly pink piglet with
My heart hurts but all I can do is remember what it was it was like before There was no pain Not like this anyway I was Happier I was Kinder I was Whole Now I'm broken
SEPARATION ~Linus   Here they go again All these fights won't ever end The kids are crying. There's no more trying. And your job needs you to work late I see you walking out the door
"Listen to the forest. Breathe; this is home." When I say this to myself, I am you. I become Daddy's footprints. My first steps were on top of feet with fingers held in weathered hands
I was still a child when you took your lies, And slid them between my fourth and fifth ribs. I cried that night, And for the first time I didn’t wish you were there to hold me.  I still see echoes of you,
Words become unspoken  memories are left to be broken  distance seperates you from me,  and time gets in the way of everything don't blame me  I'm just a human being My emotions wilt like a will tree
Alone, cold, hopeless Searching for Light in the dark Found by the Father
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