'depression' 'Pain' 'sadness' 'despair 'lonely'

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I still hug that monkeyYunno the one you gave to meYou gave it to me when I was at my lowestAnd it still means the world to meNot because it’s cute and fluffyBut because you were the one that brought it for meI named it after youBecause you were s
Curled up in a ball Back, almost leaning to the wall Bedsheets crumpled as she pull her knees on her chest Hair bestrewed on her face whilst her tears flood in haste. .. © KBM
You burn bright like a wildfire You laugh, smile, and immerse yourself with bliss And they envy you for your blaze
It’s homecoming this week For the high school kids It’s also my anniversary Of being lonely When I was sixteen I had a date for the dance But I crashed my parent’s car And my Dad was pissed
I am lonely. I know I am not as alone as I think myself to be, but still I cannot help this feeling. I am torn. There is a civil war going on in my head. The two clans are destroying the mind.
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