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  Please don't let me go just yet Take some time with me to remeber what we used to be. Just let me take my last few breathes of escatsy in the fantasy you created for me.  
I want to go away from home Home is not here, not right now Home is where your happy  I am happy but I'm not Happy Home is where your free I want to feel free Free of rules and madness
You say you see something pretty in me   Like nothing you have ever seen before Maybe it's the fact I see myself all the time. But I see nothing at all when I look at me.
Mister or ma’am . Trepidation is probably the word. What kind of pain is there that you haven’t provided here? Im not sure who to believe. Lack of faith is the real issue. 
If you are betrayed,you know how I feel sitting at home with a brain thinking why? How do I know it's time to go? What should I do?With fakers around?Pretending Only pretending,smiling,it's okay.Now i know
In the dark from whence I came Shattered glass From the heavens rain And yet I utter in ragged breath The rage against a cruel death O show me the path I seek And guide me from this bitter bleak
beatiful nature plagued by this world,like minds infected today in society oh how my father told me"the world is not pretty" and so I will not let myself be blinded by illusions,
It's like when u love someone so much That they're always on your mind That all u can do is write hoping the feelings reside That even tho y'all aren't together U still love em the same
What would you slave for? What yould you die for? What would you throw yourself infront of a bus for? For Me, thats a toug- All As I would kill myslef for all As Thats counter intiuitive, isnt it?
Rested your mop of hairOn piles and pilesOf poems old and newYour mouth running like a faucetNot yet digested meals and fluidsYour green apple chunksAnd what used to beA Reese's Peanut Buttercup 
and so many things remind me of you always of you, and you, and you i’m reminded of your hands, and the way your neck curves to meet your shoulders the way my shirt hangs off of you like its ten sizes too big
A band may not mean much to some, but others thrive on everyone.  Bands communicate your thoughts onto paper, and sing them so you remember it later. And this band that means so much,
Oh, the pedals have fallen My wall, broken, running red Yet love continues
Can someone truly be defined?
A joking matter but you took it seriously You protected me as a knight to a princess But you are no knight and i am no princess Especially not yours So why protect me when you have left me before
I am Confused  I am afraid to lose I am not gvien the ability to truly choose I am denied idealism  I am force fed lies I am a screaming child on the inside
tell me to go to hell tell me i'll burn there tell me i'm the devil's spawn i really dont fucking care   tell me you'll pray for me tell me you have hope tell me i'm not that bad
Dust, dirt and sandsFill the airChocking the life outta me. Behold the desertA crappy place to liveWhere cactus drink waterAnd lizards shed their skin.
she lay in a lake where flowers grew through her chest her heartbeat was what kept the vine alive but as time died her heartbeat slowed she realized the lake was too small and when she left for an ocean
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