It's like when u love someone so
That they're always on your mind
That all u can do is write hoping the feelings reside
That even tho y'all aren't together
U still love em the same
That even tho they broke your heart
U just..can't make them the blame
Idk I'm jhi like stuck Is it bad luck
I guess it was the intimacy
How we knew each other in n out
How we knew what each other was gon say before it even came out ..
How vulnerable I became,I Neva lied
Sharing Things wit u I used to hide
Things I never told anyone I told u to confide
It's like we loved each other's flaws u was perfect to me
It was a special connection
U loved the things I hated,helped me to love my reflection
Yeah it was a sexual attraction but our spirits collided too
We started to act n talk alike lol I became a lil u
I could be deep, moody n u always knew what to do
When just seeing someone makes u feel a type of way
When just talking to them makes your day
That even tho it's been months u still feel some way
That u can still remember certain things in detail to this day
That even tho sometimes I told U to leave I wanted u to stay
It turned out different than I imagined
But for a reason I'm sure
Idec if u not wit me as long as u happy I'm secure
You'll stay in my heart forever..
Jus know I mean dat
I'm here for u like u are for me
Best believeee dattt

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