thug scholarship slam

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My world is a black and white film, With very few people in color, But my mom, My mom is the color.   I am an old soul,
  Words subdued,lost and deprived Thousands upon millions upon billions With just the will to…survive The reason for existence hidden  
The country of my birth pushes me to Mexico, “It’s where morenas like you belong”. Mexico pushes me back, “You’re too gringa to be here”. Gringa-morena  
Can’t walk alone no more cause now I’m hiding under hoods 
Many people say that every picture speaks a thousand words although a picture never truly encompasses the entire moment shared in the photograph it showcases the necessity of humans voices
I was like a baby chick Only following orders My voice was sick Heavy with the weight of my disorders   I listened with no questions The adults were always right Always following the suggestions
Growing up, I believed that being pretty meant being white So I disowned my language and refused to speak Tagalog I told my mom that I hated her cooking, even though my favorite dish is Sinigang
Locked Inside   “Be you” they tell us, “We will always love you” they said, “Everybody makes mistakes” they tell us, “Our God is a loving God” they said.   But he was not himself,
Hardship can make the faint heart grow calloused or make the faint heart grow strong.Some flowers can blossom through the cracks of cold, Barren, concrete while other flowers succumb and wilt due to the life-sucking weeds that may entrap them.  Ma
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