Locked Inside

Locked Inside


“Be you” they tell us,

“We will always love you” they said,

“Everybody makes mistakes” they tell us,

“Our God is a loving God” they said.


But he was not himself,

They didn’t always love him,

His mistake was bigger than everyone else’s,

And apparently our God doesn’t love him.


Stand up for what’s right

And fight for your friendships

Because death is never the answer

All because he loved men.


His parents did always love him,

Despite disagreeing with his actions,

But they waited too long to tell him,

To tell them that they’re sorry.


I waited too long to tell him everything will be okay.

His boyfriend waited too long to tell him that he’ll always be there.

Society waited too long to accept him as he was.

I waited too long to find my voice.


But now I speak my mind

I speak with kindness and truth and love

I speak up against judgement and prejudice

I speak up for what’s right.


Because you are the best you can be

Because some people will always love you

Because everybody does make mistakes

Because my God is a loving God





This poem is about: 
My family



love deeply, be youreself, be kind to one another.

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