women’s rights

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I’m exhausted by the grief  And drained by this place  This place that once held promise  This world that once had values  Or perhaps it never did 
Abuse has become so common a word in my life and those around me that I fear that it may never truly be eradicated Every woman that I know has some story of harassment and still our society turns a blind eye as though their stories are made up, in
There are moments when I feel the injustice to my gender more prominently    When I am told in my job orientation that my attire is restricted for the men’s comfortability   
I used to believe that this world was fair  That equality was everywhere, didn’t know it was rare  I was naive to believe that people are good 
separation of church and state. Talking heads deliberate. Constipation of the mind. Please hesitate , say something kind.  
When does daddy’s little girl stop being daddy’s LITTLE girl?    Is it when my body starts to develop and I’m no longer seen as innocent?   
Roses are red,Violets are blue,Courage is amazing,And so are you. Orchids are white,Ghost ones are rare,List is long,And so is your hair.
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