War on Women

Abuse has become so common a word in my life and those around me that I fear that it may never truly be eradicated Every woman that I know has some story of harassment and still our society turns a blind eye as though their stories are made up, inflated  They do not care about these women who have suffered through rape, through abuse, through mental and physical pain. They only care about the money that these corporations have promised them they will surely gain.  Senators and governors, only pawns in a system that has long been flawed, broken. White men sitting behind tables making decisions about my body, violating my rights with each stroke of their pen.  Each time I think my country is making progress, they take steps in the wrong direction.  Repeating history with their sexist laws, white washed, male politicians casting their inflictions Do not expect me to sit still, to sit pretty while you threaten my liberties, my rights  These are the battles that I cannot back down from, I will win these fights  And if these men win these wars over my body, what will become of the women I fight for These women who are only doing what’s best for their bodies, yet these men label them Whore I will fight for the girls who were raped and are told they must keep the child  Even if each day she carries it her resentment grows more than mild  I will fight for the mother’s with stillborn babies who cannot grieve in peace Because they’re told that they need to carry to term, her body privy to some sort of twisted lease For the women with miscarriages who are unable to have their child’s remains removed  And they become septic, dead from infection, her body becomes a tomb  If I do not fight with them, speak with them, march with them, who will? Who will become a voice for those women who’s liberties these men try to kill? 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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