There are moments when I feel the injustice to my gender more prominently 


When I am told in my job orientation that my attire is restricted for the men’s comfortability 


Now, I understand the need for a dress code, don’t get me wrong 


Not going to show up for work in nothing but a thong 


But to say the reason is not to make a man feel uncomfortable?


I would think it would be because it’s unprofessional or not presentable 


I worked for a supermarket who didn’t allow a man to work in cosmetics or beauty 


And yet publicly they claimed that they supported equality 


I worked in a restaurant whose general manager wouldn’t let women be cooks 


“Why work in the kitchen when we need servers with good looks?” 


It took a complete switch in ownership for me to finally get promoted 


For them to realize their whole hiring system was outmoded 


I have fought for everything that I have, including my credibility 


Have had to prove time and time again my equal capability 


See as a woman, I believe I can do the same task as a man if I were just given the choice 


If for once this patriarchy would shut up, sit down, and listen to my voice 


But to these boys I am not here for my opinions 


Who cares about a woman with goals and ambitions?


They want women who will sit still and be pretty 


Not very many men on the feminist welcome committee 


When a former boss makes jokes about snorting cocaine off my ass


And I get called sensitive because I told him that was crass 


“Stop being such a girl, I was only kidding.”


Then questioned my reason for leaving, for quitting 


I do not hate men even though I complain


But I must speak my mind, if only to keep me sane 


So let me be an example for girls who are too afraid to speak their mind 


Before history repeats itself, like a tape on rewind 


For the girls who idolize women with eating disorders 


Glamorized by the media on magazine covers 


For those same women who throw up their dinner 


Because they’re constantly told they need to be thinner 


For little girls who had to grow up too fast 


Who live in fear of constantly being harassed 


I will write until my hand cramps and my fingers bleed 


This passion will not burn out til my sisters are freed 

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My community
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