'feelings ' 'broken ' 'love ' becauseiloveyou ' ' 'emotional 'relationship'

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You are mine, in this moment, you are mine, tomorrow doesn't matter For things may or may not remain the same, maybe something happens that you don't remain yourself,
Why do we tie things together Just for them to be undone Because love always ends Just before it has begun   Intimacy starts with a crush And always ends with trails of tears
Is loving a crime? What's my offense Love! You've got me broken, Smashed my pure heart, Disregarded by you, Claimed i mean so much, But prioritizing another, I gave us second chance,
Loving someone means that you care about them. Being in love with someone is feeling absolutely comfortable and trusting and knowing that no matter what, I COME FIRST. I can't ever go back to you,
BROKEN YET STANDING! With your words sweeter than Berri you bury Me in the glum, How could I stop that tender voice that rhythmed that sound in the vains Of my heart??
Life ! Nourish me with your upsurging valour A lioness in making , dreaming to roar All those shackled strings stiched her down Fabrics of indigo blued widowed ecstacy Trinkling laughter laughing at our futility
I'm sorry if I'm not enough. You never said anything but instead, you just left me hanging. It was really tough, It was really rough though I know I have done enough. I'm sorry if I'm not enough.
When I Think Of You  
Free  I wonder how many beds you’ve slept in to forget me . How many moans you’ve suffocated with the fear of screaming my name . How many times you’ve tried to rewind my laugh or my smile .
SMILE THROUGH THE PAIN. you got this. SMILE THROUGH THE PAIN. you're losing yourself. SMILE THROUGH THE PAIN. you're dead.   How can I smile when there's no happiness inside?
Do you remember when you fell down? We were eleven years old, when we lived in that small town. You scraped your hands and bruised your knees. A soundly cry escaped your lips as you tried to withhold your painful pleas.
Running is no fun I ran into it  Again and again it happens  I run into you  You’re here  But you’re really with HER, And I’m with THEM.  Because,  I Truthfully, Still Want you... 
Fire The orange and yellow flames Burn inside my brain I can't forget The way you used to say my name   The fire from inside me You had a first glimpse But I guess what you saw
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