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A friend or so I thought wrote a poem about me A poem can say so much in a few words that brings you to your knees In a poem I learned I’m cold, unforgiving, and ruthless 
I imagine what you're supposed to learn from poetry -  poetry;  beautiful words, written beautifully -    you're supposed to learn love is real. 
26 letters in the alphabet to make lines of poetry And every one taught me a lesson A taught me apathy for people who are struggling B taught me to be bold in the face of adversity
You can't find the words to say Over and over again You scribble on a blank page Begging the words to come   But they never do   The ink in your pen goes dry You sit in an ocean of paper
Whitman doesn’t recreate Lincoln’s death. With the stroke of a pen, he borrows his tragic ending, Bringing his glory back to life.   Neil Hilborn doesn’t simply mention his mental health,
Poetry saved me for many reasons She even got me through the roughest seasons She saved me from suicide Even when I couldn't see past my foolish pride, that almost led to my demise
Poetry has taught me many things,Many things throughtout this past Spring.To organize my feelings in an orderly way.To prevent my inner calm from beginning to sway.It has taught me to understand others motivations,Regardless of my frustrations or
At first I thought they were just words, Words absenmindedly written and tossed aside without thought. Then I dove deeper in the water, descending into a chasm of undsicovered emotions and stories not yet told.
  When I read through the lines, About times so divine Or when life was so ripe It could be plucked from the vine, I turn my head upwards,
Thales found a river running past The poetry of Earth beat fast On whim, the river’s course may change In brilliant prose, the forest strange
  A swirling pool of restless thoughts swim beneath the surface, Walking down a low lit path, I’m looking for my purpose,
The soul yearns for a place to call its home Beside the hearth of friendship’s warm embrace Where candor rides the breeze like glitt’ring ash
Gloomy clouds settled over a dark, barren land of hopelessness, sorrow, and pain. Tears dropped from the sky,  puddling into useless pools of agonizing, lonely despair. 
How was your day today? I ask them everday; To make sure they're okay, and to care for their say.   She said "I'm good" one day. A facade she would play to hide her little gray,
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