Lessons From Letters

26 letters in the alphabet to make lines of poetry

And every one taught me a lesson

A taught me apathy for people who are struggling

B taught me to be bold in the face of adversity

C taught me censorship isn't always the way to go

D taught me duties and how to be my best at them 

E taught me excitement in the thrill of new poetry

F taught me to face my fears even if they're hard

G taught me the greatness of having friends to lean on

taught me helping others can help you in the same breath

I taught me integrity is more valuable than talent

J taught me joy can come in all forms we just have to find it

K taught me kindness is going to save the world

taught me love is a lesson in and of itself

M taught me motivation to be the bigger person

N taught me nothing is impossible

O taught me other people are not the enemy  

P taught me passion does not need perfection

Q taught me being Queen of the broken hearts is awesome

taught me relapse is not the end of the world

S taught me superiority can sometimes corrupt

T taught me talent isn't as important as tenacity

U taught me being the under dog isn't so bad after all

V taught me victory isn't so sweet when you're alone

W taught me wounds heal and fade away leaving nothing behind but a lesson

X taught me X-rays of every line and motive of other people are not important

Y taught me youth is fleeting and I should enjoy it while it lasts

Z taught me to be the zebra in a field of horses

Who knew the letters that make up poetry could teach so much

To some they're just another school assingment

To me they're superheroes


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i love it <3

The Drowning Girl

Thank you so much!! 

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