'anxiety' 'ambient' 'fear'

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The brave never settle, can’t seem to rest. I know this, but I’m resting in a chair sipping the diluted “tea” I paid five dollars for
If allowed, end “if.” Normal view, “zoom,” Tracks move.   If allowed, save “if.” Validate against the schemes.   If false, ignore “if.” Mixed contentment always shows.  
Anxiety, you inspire me to write. I hate the way you abstrusely frighten me, Invading my mind day and through the night, Always dreaming about the hope that some day
Many times before I've tried to reach the top. As i passed the half, the storm clouds came to show me it is probably going to rain.
I wasn’t reasonably certain with the thoughts in my head Somehow in my head, it occasionally reminded me of my most recent nightmares Just because I was alone they came to me 
I play songs of thunder for the whisper orchestra Little loud loud me drowning out silent masses With a voice that echoes through bones that are just my own against a number uncountable
Something's not right.It's sudden and sinister.Making my chest feel tight,an unwelcome visitor. Suddenly my heartbeats beats beatsI’m going to fall apartI want this to cease.
My heart started racing when his name popped up on my phone’s screen. I flash back to the many nightmares of him hunting me. I'm caught in a state of fear, attempting to read his mind,
I am choking on the Ambience of the dull day as It wraps its arms around my torso   The wind portends of something to come Horrible, maybe, joyful, maybe
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