Wed, 09/26/2018 - 12:19 -- mirjana

Many times before I've tried to reach the top.

As i passed the half, the storm clouds came to show me it is probably going to rain.

A voice oblidged: " run down the hill as fast as you can! A storm is approaching, you dont want it all to end.

play it safe like you always have had. As you don't want to reach the top, to see nothing there."


Always have I listened to it, thinking I have avoided a storm, reclined, thinking how everything is fine.


One day a friend came whit me. Half way there, I have heard it again saying to escape wile I still can.

Couldn't leave my friend so I bared to the end. The rain was falling all the time but when we reached the top ...

everything was... fine?

Let me rephrase it, it wasn't just fine, the view at the top changed my mind.

It all has changed as i started listening to me, and stopped thinking what it could be.

As I comprehended it all I knew I was wrong and that was the day I became strong.

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