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There's a footprint in the snow outside my bedroom window. It is simply one footprint, there is no pair, there is no pathway. It is in the center of a field of white. I don’t know whose it is, and I don’t know how it got there.
mother you are for life  continously by my side  never failing  with endless love even when mistakes are made constantly present  in my mind and heart thank you for the lessons and strength
If you and me be anything but we,   Then my heart shall break in catastrophe.   You are my Love, my life, my wife, my One,   I refuse to believe that we are done.
He laid you delicately on her neck,
She will fill me with glee, when she finally decides to come to California with me. I have always dreamed of traversing the wine country, though I have never been, so when, when, when?
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