sdlkjfhlsdl: Ramblings of a Sentiment Mind


United States
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She will fill me with glee,
when she finally decides to come to California with me.
I have always dreamed of traversing the wine country,
though I have never been,
so when, when, when?

I want to sit in a small wine shop, eat some bread,
And watch the light play with the red-gold on her head.
How one can love one so,
and no matter how much I grow,
I could never comprehend it.
I’ve been to hell and back,
seen the spirit dressed in black,
Though love hath always escaped.

The astronomers say, that black holes eat all,
but love always seems to escape the brawl.
Is it real, or is it fake, this
love I feel for wedding cake?

We could rent a hotel room,
And stare at each other until noon,
until I floated away, like a, spaceship,
flying to the moon,
that is, her.

They ask me what I want for the solstice,
though they could never give it.
“What? A sewing kit, your mother’s wit,
a banana split, a work permit?
Whatever you want, lickety split!”
Though only one, she, can give me,
what I truly, need.

Please, please, roam the sea, with me.
I have everything to offer,
yet nothing to give.
Just let me live, my life.
I know it will be filled with strife,
So just give up the wife,
that I so desire.

Life isn’t easy, if you haven’t noticed,
so let’s go to the remotest,
island, where love can flourish.

But instead, I am sat in a cubicle,
at a desk,
Where I am forced to do work, most grotesque.
But my wild side can break free, when I see her.
I can be human once more,
though some call it a chore.
Make my love into reinforced concrete,
so I can finally be complete.
Bye-bye, and night-night.
Never stop the fight.
And don’t let them turn your heart into a bomb site.


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